We were there too👋.

Being an international student is hard, especially when it comes to job search.

Empower is on a mission to support international students in getting the job they deserve in a new country. We help international students become job-search-ready, grow their network, and getting a fulfilling career through job search & mentorship programs, career development opportunities, and a career-driven community platform.


We help international students get the job they deserve.

Community of career-driven international students and professionals.

Our students are from.

7-day job search bootcamp is designed to help international students get the job they deserve


Connect with career-driven international students & professionals, ask for advice, and grow your network


Get mentored by industry professionals and get a job in your dream industry



Our approach.

Lived experience.

Our programs are designed by former international students who have been there

Build connections.

Connect with industry mentors and grow your network across the country

Community first.

Meet and learn from other career-driven international students just like yourself

Pay it forward.

Share your learning with the community and grow your personal brand


What people say about us.

EMPOWER International platform allowed to meet some amazing mentors who guided me and motivated me in my job search, especially with goal setting. Thanks to their advices, I was able to develop a plan which got me a job by the end of the program. I am really grateful to this community!

Fall 2020 Cohort Mentee


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We help international students get the job they deserve. Proudly serving international students across Canada.



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