Express Bootcamp

A step-by-step job search program

designed to help international students

land a job that they deserve 

in Canada in just 7 days.

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EMPOWER Express Bootcamp is for you if…
  • You’re tired of writing job applications and never hearing back

  • You don’t have a lot of Canadian work experience (or experience at all, you’re still a student after all)

  • You want to master the art of writing a powerful resume & cover letter, even if you have little or zero work experience or having English as your second language

  • You want to know how to properly and respectfully reach out to hiring managers, network with industry leaders, and keep those relationships

  • You don’t want to be the outsider, but you’re not sure how to translate your international experience or use your international roots to your advantage

  • You’re afraid you might have to settle for a “meh” job outside of your industry, or doesn’t qualify for Permanent Residence, because your resume wasn’t quite up to par – or you didn’t know the right people

You don’t have to play small because you’re an international student.

We can show you how.

The EMPOWER Express Bootcamp is a hands-on, 7-day online program designed to empower international students with the tools you need to start your own successful career in Canada. It’s packed with on-demand sessions, live workshops, templates, and resources – all based on proven tactics and our own lived experience.

1. Discover Your Dream Job

Find out how you can match your skills to your job search more effectively and purposefully, so you can find your dream job and stop settling for less.

2. Stand Out from the Crowd

Learn how you can write a powerful resume and cover letter that highlights your past international experience and unique background, and gives you a competitive advantage to stand out in the recruitment process – and yes, get that job interview!

3. Build Your Network in Canada

Learn how to make (and keep!) new, meaningful professional connections with people who can help you get hired, and will remember you when you need a referral.

4. Highlight Your International Experience

Understand the value you bring to the table as an international student, and learn the common mistakes you might be making in the recruitment process that are stopping you from getting your dream job.

Learn From the Experts

Learn from the experts at our live classes who actually make hiring decisions

Get practical insights from an experienced hiring manager and a seasoned talent acquisition professional on how to build an application that gets read and land a great job as an international candidate.

EMPOWER Express Bootcamp is nothing new – it’s personalized to your experience as an international student.

Because we were once international students like you.

Everyone on the EMPOWER team moved to Canada from a different country, and had to face the same struggles, fears, and anxieties before we were able to build our own individual, successful careers in Canada.

This bootcamp is the best of both worlds. Proven tactics that work. Personalized for you.

Yeah, you can stop playing small in your career now.

Ready to build your new life and career in Canada with confidence?

What’s Inside the EMPOWER
Express Bootcamp?

One week of action-packed modules, with videos, worksheets, templates, and more, all delivered to you on-demand. Plus, live sessions and an exclusive members-only group within the EMPOWER community so you have all of the knowledge and support you need to succeed. 


Day 1

YOU, YOUR STRENGTHS, YOUR BRAND. First things first! Get clear on who you are, what your strengths are, and which skills you need to highlight to give you the competitive advantage you need to stand out as an international student.

Day 2

YOUR FUTURE JOB. Identify the companies and job postings that match your skills and your vision for your new career, and learn what additional research you didn’t know you needed to do before you apply.

Day 3

PERSONALIZED & ATS OPTIMIZED RESUME.  Find out how to write a powerful, personalized resume that works for you, not against you. We’re going to cover all of the rules of resume magic – including top mistakes international students make – so even the strictest recruiter will want to call you in for an interview.

Day 4

(LIVE) RESUME WORKSHOP. This is your chance to ask questions and have your work reviewed by an HR expert in a live session. Yes, insight from someone who actually understands what recruiters look for when they read your resume.

Day 5

COVER LETTER 101. Learn how to write a tailored cover letter that speaks to your individual experience and accomplishments in a clear, effective way that will convince anyone you are the right person for the job (yes, even if your past experience doesn’t match the job you’re applying for).

Day 6

(LIVE) NETWORKING AWAY FROM HOME. Understand networking best practices in Canada, and how you can build new authentic and meaningful relationships that can help you launch your career in a new country.

Day 7

YOUR JOB SEARCH STRATEGY. Learn how to work more effectively and anticipate the steps you need to take on your job search, so you can stand out in the recruitment process and continue to build long-lasting connections in your network.

Plus, you also get: 

  • ON DEMAND access to your online learning portal and resources, so you can review the information and complete tasks during a time that works for you and your busy life.

  • 6 MONTHS ACCESS to your online learning portal and resources. Each module is PACKED with so much great information, we know you’ll want to have this in your back pocket long after the bootcamp is over.

  • TWO LIVE WORKSHOPS with experts to answer all of your resume and networking questions, and share what works behind-the-scenes. And yes, they were once international students too!

  • EXTRA RESOURCES like daily worksheets and templates for your resume, cover letter, and networking emails – so you can apply everything you learn right away. This program is not a boring old lecture. It’s a comprehensive, hands-on program that will help you get hired for your dream job faster.

  • EXCLUSIVE SLACK GROUP for you and your program peers only, where you can network, ask questions, share updates, and tackle challenges together with others who understand exactly what you’re going through.

Job search with confidence after 7 days.
Learn from hiring experts and former international students.



Who is EMPOWER Express Bootcamp for?

This program is tailored to career-driven international students who want to learn how they can get hired for their dream job and grow their network in Canada.

How long is the EMPOWER Express Bootcamp?

7 action-packed days that will change your life. You’ll have access to the online platform and all the goodies inside 6 months, so you can refer back to the program at any time after it’s over.

What if I’m not applying for jobs or networking in Canada?

Yes, you can still join. However, please keep in mind the program is tailored to the job market in Canada. We can’t guarantee you’ll get the same results in other countries.

Can I still apply if I’m not a student?

Yes, of course! This program is helpful for any working professional who wants to improve their job application and networking strategy.

What if I need to drop out? Is there a refund?

We get it. Sometimes, life gets in the way. We won’t be able to give you a refund, but you can contact us at hello@isempower.com and we’ll work on a solution personalized to your needs.

What if I fall behind?

Don’t worry. That’s why you have 6 months to access your online platform and resources – so you can refer back to the materials at any time, for 6 months after the program is over. Plus, we’ll continue to cheer you on within the bootcamp’s exclusive members-only group. We got you!

How will I know this will work for me? I signed up for similar programs before, and I’m still stuck.

You are not alone. Most international students struggle in the job search and recruitment process. The EMPOWER Express Bootcamp is personalized for international students, by professionals and experts who were once international students themselves. We already lived through the challenges you’re facing and the mistakes you’re probably making – and we are here to help you succeed.

What will I need to do to succeed?

You need to commit to doing your share of the work during the 7 days of the program.

We didn’t call this a Bootcamp for no reason. We can’t find your dream job for you. We are here to teach you what works, and to support you every step of the way. If you put in the work, and follow the steps we give you, we’re confident you will succeed.

What’s included in EMPOWER Express Bootcamp?

On-demand classes, live workshops, actionable worksheets, and templates for resumes, cover letters, networking emails, and more – all carefully curated by hiring managers, career coaches, and working professionals who were once international students like you. Plus, you also get access to an intimate, exclusive group for program attendees only, where you’ll get to connect with your peers and instructors in real time.

How much is EMPOWER Express Bootcamp?

Usually, the program costs $279 - but if you sign up for our first beta cohort, you only pay $89. That’s a 70% discount for knowledge that can change your life.

When is the EMPOWER Express Bootcamp?

Each bootcamp cohort runs from Tuesday to Monday. Live sessions will take place on Friday and Sunday at 4PM PST.

What if I cannot make live sessions?

No problem! We get it that you might have a busy school or work schedule. We will upload recorded live sessions to the learning platform so you can learn any time at your convenience.

What is a required time commitment?

Each day is designed to help you get one step closer to your goal. Including on-demand videos and daily assignments, allow up to 2 hours per day to complete your daily learnings.

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