Mentorship Program

Designed to help empower international students in career development and transition in Canada. 


Program Overview

EMPOWER Mentorship Program is designed to support international students in career development and professional networking in a new country. Our program provides 1-on-1 mentorship between international students and experienced professionals in their chosen industry and includes several career development & networking opportunities throughout the 3-month cohort.

Our program is designed from first-hand international student experience and tailored to meet international students’ specific needs. Participating mentors are working in top local companies and were international students or newcomers themselves!

We are accepting 25 mentees for the Fall 2020 cohort.




Get a 3-month mentorship with experienced mentor in your chosen industry.

build your network

Connect with like-minded professionals and build your own professional network in a new country.


Access to 4 exclusive career development events & workshops and comprehensive job search resources.


Get access to our exclusive mentor network and increase your chance of getting hired!

If you are trying hard to improve through learning about a new country, new culture, new people, and more about yourself, apply to the EMPOWER mentorship program- you will be empowered by people who are working towards or have achieved the same goals.

Catherine Jiang

January Cohort Mentee

The greatest value of EMPOWER’s mentorship program is that mentees get matched with a mentor who works in a similar industry and has both work and life experience as an international student.

Kathleen Hung

January Cohort Mentee


Program Eligibility


A mentee must be:

  • Current international students attending post-secondary institutions & colleges

  • Recent graduates with less than 1 year of work experience

  • Age between 18 - 30

  • Motivated & driven and eager to learn from others


A mentor must be:

  • Currently working full-time in a local company

  • Have more than 2 years of Canadian working experience

  • Able to commit to 3-month term

  • Willing to share your experience and mentor others

Program Details

What is included?

3-month commitment

  • 3 months of career development & networking opportunity

  • Mentor match from your chosen industry

  • Access to 4 exclusive career development events & workshops

  • Ultimate mentorship guide

  • Comprehensive job search guide & resources

  • Access to exclusive Slack group

  • Random Coffee session with other mentors in the program

Duration & Key Dates

September - December 2020

  • July 31 - Application closed

  • August 31 - Matching Announcement

  • September 9 - Welcome Party

  • October 7 - First Career Development Workshop

  • November 11 - Second Career Development Workshop

  • December 9 - Wrap-up Party - Close the Loop 

Application Process

25 mentor spots per cohort

We want to ensure every mentor and mentee gets the most out of the mentorship experience. Due to this, we only offer 25 mentee spots for the Fall cohort. A spot in the mentorship program is not guaranteed via the application form. Our team will contact you if you are selected to participate in the program.


1. Application Submission

Complete your application and submit your resume.

2. Application Screening

Our team thoroughly reviews all applications and selects top candidates for a 1-on-1 phone interview.


​3. Interview

Our team will schedule a phone interview with you to understand your career aspiration and how we can help support you throughout the program. 


​4. Final Confirmation & Payment

After the interviews, we will shortlist 25 candidates and provide final confirmation and payment details. 


5. Mentor Matching

We use information from submitted applications and interviews to match each mentee and mentor based on career interest, industry, and compatibility. 

Your match will be announced 2 weeks before the program starts.

Mentee Program Fees



The fee covers the administrative & event cost and allows us to find a perfect mentor match.

*Payment instruction will only be provided to selected candidates after an interview process.

A future mentorship program is coming soon!


Please check back in for more information on our next cohort later. 

Look forward to seeing your future application! 

We help international students get the job they deserve. Proudly serving international students across Canada.



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