Confidence Always Wins! - Vitaly Kan

Being international students is not easy, one of the most important aspect of creating your life in a new country is, believe that you can! Vitaly Kan, Sales Executive from Riipen shared his story below. #confidence

We had the opportunity to interview Vitaly Kan, past international student from Russia, now working as a Sales Executive at Riipen. He shared his journey on building confidence from the grounds up both in job seeking and speaking.

EMPOWER: What is the most challenging aspect of job seeking as an international student?


Overcoming your cultural contextual thinking and preconceived notions.

A few examples:

  • Thinking that someone has a superior English and thus they are better.

  • Feeling like I am not good enough sometimes because of the culture we grow up in, sometimes because of the mindset.

  • Believing that I should not demonstrate my skills and achievements.

EMPOWER: How did you overcome the challenge and get the current position? Please share your story with us.

Vitaly: I looked past my undermining thinking and became more confident in my own skin. I showed persistence in getting a job and showed confidence in how I speak. Afterwards, the employer pointed out that they hired me because I stood out in my approach.

Our key takeaways:

When moving to a new country, there is no doubt that you will have slightly less confidence than what you felt before in your home country. This is mainly because of changes in environment, languages and mindset that we all have to get used to.

In many cultures, students were instructed to always listen to the elderly and never question authority. When students move to a new country especially where questions in classroom / workplace are encouraged, many shy away from the opportunity. As international students in the ESL community, it is important to realize what values and skills you bring to the table and start being confident in your own way of speaking and how you show up. It is crucial to remember that language and skill proficiency are two separated aspects when it comes to job seeking and how you present yourself.

Our community, EMPOWER, we believe that everybody has a unique value to offer. We help international students get a job they deserve via a collective learning and supportive community approach. Join our next events and start networking, building your confidence with us.

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