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Updated: Jan 12

We are very excited to announce our new fresh look of Empower and the updated brand values!

2019, Empower International Students (Empower) was born to help international students be the best version of themselves and succeed professionally in a new country. 2 years forward, we have grown our community of international students across Canada to over 2,500 students and counting.

As international students ourselves, we face unique challenges in job searching from a lack of the right career support system to not having a professional network. Job searching for international students is beyond writing a good-enough resume in a Canadian way but also going outside of our comfort zone, learning new norms & cultures, speaking up for yourself, and trying to fit in.

Over the years, we have seen too many international students that have to settle for less, getting a job that is not in their target industry, and end up having to leave the country.

There is a lot of international potential undiscovered
Empower's mission is to help international students get the jobs they deserve in a new country

Our core values that shape who we are:


We believe in using a people-first approach in job search and creating an inclusive community for international students in Canada. Moving to a new country is already hard enough and we often feel alone in this journey. We strive together as a community, being your family in a new country.


Our programs and community are designed by former international students for international students. Our industry mentors and Empower team has lived the struggles ourselves, we know exactly what you are going through. Our mentors are here to share their experience and guide you through a career journey in Canada.


Exactly what our name is. We stand for a purpose that is bigger than ourselves. We believe in every international student's talent. We empower every member to be bold, ambitious, and goal-oriented. Together as a community, we will reach bigger goals, do more, and reach our full potential.

We're proud to present to you our new branding!

A story behind our new logo

Built upon the value of community, going beyond our limits, and sharing the experience together, the Empower logo represents three symbols intertwined into one icon. The main letter is a capital "E", the two bases merging to form a destination pin symbolizing the journey of the individual. Rotate to the left, it depicts a person with their arms up, meaning victory and empowerment. Rotated to the right, it shows a home, a place of belonging for all members to feel safe and welcomed.

2021 is going to be a big year for us. We cannot wait to do more for our community. Please join our Slack group and meet other career-driven international students across Canada.

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