International Students Tapping into Hidden Job Market

Did you know you can actually create a job for yourself? Yes, you can....Farizan shared his story below. Read on!

Here is an industry secret: most jobs available are not well-advertised. So, expand your network and see what opportunities lie ahead.

We had the opportunity to interview Farizan, a Founder & Project Lead for PowerHack at the Immigrant Employment Council of BC as he shared a success story tapping into a hidden job market and create an opportunity for himself.

EMPOWER: What is the most challenging aspect of job seeking as an international student?

Farizan: Getting an entry-level experience can be a bit tricky for international students, especially if they want to get a job in their desired field right away. That is for you to get a job, you need to get an experience, but for you to have an experience, you need to have a job. Mind you, this not a just problem for international students, it is also a problem for students in general. But this problem is further amplified from the fact that international students also have language issues to contend with.

Farizan H Razie

EMPOWER: What is your story and how did you get your current position?

Farizan: There are a couple of ways in which you can overcome this issue. One, you could get a co-op or an internship, or two, network with people in the industry. A co-op or internship is the traditional way of doing things. I have done internships in the past, but I like number two better, particularly because I am a social person.

Here's an industry secret: most jobs available are not well-advertised. So, expand your network and see what opportunities lie ahead. As for me, I got my opportunity to work at my current position by pitching my ideas on solving a particular immigration issue to an organization specializing in providing companies with skilled immigrant talents. I provide value up-front, and they see the value of what I am doing. I am forever thankful for the trust that they have put in me and the ideas that I am currently working with.

Let's unpack what Farizon mentioned in the interview.

  1. Getting your first experience can be difficult, especially when your first experience requires prior experience (vicious circle)

  2. Co-op or Internship is a great pathway to get your dream job after graduation.

  3. Most jobs available are not well-advertised!

  4. Networking is important because you never know what lies ahead.

  5. Always provide value up-front, show what you have to offer!

Thank you Farizan for sharing his success story! You can keep in touch with Farizan H Razie either on LinkedIn or Instagram.

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