There is no substitute for hard work - Rishab Manocha

We had the opportunity to interview Rishab Manocha - Software Developer at SAP (Hana & Analytics). Rishab shared with us his success story in job searching in Canada and challenges he faced after having moved from Panjab, India for Fraser Valley University. His hard work and ambition landed him a great career at one of the top tech companies in the world!

What is the most challenging aspect of job seeking as an international student?

Rishab: Language barriers combined with lack of ability to adapt to cultural context of other people

Rishab Manocha

How did you overcome the challenge and get the current position? Please share your story with us.


Preparation - there is no substitute for hard work. Period.

I am the most under-confident and under-skilled person I knew of. But I had one habit - I was obsessed. Whenever I had a desire, it took over my soul and mind. I would research, read, observe, listen and practice it 24 x 7 - not just physically but mentally. I would imagine myself giving an interview, meeting people and having public talks, etc. all the time.

Long before, I was able to become socially comfortable and confident, I had to envision myself like that. Being an introvert, I lived a big part of my life in my head. So, I needed to envision myself correctly. Once I mastered that part, it was only a matter of time that reality caught up.

As an international student, I would advise you to stop listening to that inner voice that tells you why aren't good enough or you have an unfair advantage. But be thankful for the hardships you got - for you and only you have the opportunity to turn it into greatness.

To sum it up, there is no shortcut to success, if you have a passion and desire, it will get you there. Looking at Rishab's success story, his drive to improve the confidence in himself has made him the talented Software Developer that he is today. We thank Rishab for his generosity in sharing his story with us. Till next time!

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