Why you should join us.

  • Connect with career-driven international students across Canada

  • Grow your professional network through our random coffee program

    • Random coffee program matches you with ‚Äčanother community member bi-weekly

  • Get career advice from former international students and industry mentors

  • Get access to exclusive job opportunities our community members are hiring for

  • Make new international friends in the city and Canada

  • Share your experience with fellow international students

  • Be the first to know about the latest career development opportunities

How does it work?

This is a free public Slack group, meaning that you can join the group at no cost and invite friends to the group as many as you want to.


This group is designed for international students to support each other in career transition. Please feel free to share your experience, advice, or ask questions in the appropriate channels at any time!


We only ask that you engage with other people in the group with respect and stay open-minded as we are all learning together. 

How to join?

  • Click "Join Public Slack Group" button below

  • Sign in with your existing Slack account or sign up for an account

  • Introduce yourself in the "introduce-yourself" channel

  • Ask for career advice and share your experience!

  • Remember, you can invite as many friends to the group as you want

    • Click "Invite people" and enter your friends' emails

Online community for career-driven

international students & professionals in Canadaūü§Ě.

Why we build this.

We know that moving to a new country, building your own professional connections and networking is one of the most challenging things to do. Having a good support system of a career-driven community can go a long way.

This is a free Slack group for all international students who are interested in starting a career in Canada. The group is also open to international professionals who are looking to grow their network, give back, share industry expertise, and mentor others. 


Our purpose is to provide a platform for international students to network, support, and grow a career through community building.


Connect with career-driven international students across Canada.

Open for enrollment in 

Join as a mentor.

Are you an international professional or former international student who is looking to give back and ready to mentor others?

  • Share career advice on Empower Slack group

  • Offer help to other international students

  • Share industry expertise or resources to international students

  • Participate in random coffee program bi-weekly (optional)

  • Chance to build your personal brand & leadership skill

  • Connect with other career-driven international professionals via a private mentor channel.

Most international students learn things the hard way but with your guidance and lived experience, we don't have to. 

We help international students get the job they deserve. Proudly serving international students across Canada.



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